Summer 2011

Brahm blueberry picking!!!

Blueberry picking!

Such a beautiful valley!

Jake and Kari home! We look forward to their visits so much!

two cuties!

This is how we roll in summer...naked in the backyard. Ah yeah!

Random fun moments

FAther and son checking craigs list for deals.

This one is for my "other grandma" :) :) We miss you 'cago Grandma! Come visit soon!

Here's the cheering squad!

This is a picture of the runners!! Justin and I did the 10K( my first 10k ever!) Jamie and Alicia did a 2miles and the boys did a 1K. Much fun. And no I did not run in a tube top maxi dress but i just hate sitting around in a soaking wet sports bra and tank top so i had to change.

lookin' cute :)

At first not so sure about the water but now he splashes and loves it! He already doesn't sit quite this still anymore tho!

To the beach!!!

Elsa was quite brave at the lake this year! She went tubing with daddy behind the boat, jetskiing with daddy, kayaking with mommy. Here she is swimming with uncle Justin!

Happy Fouth of July!

Elsa posing by the irises

This is a columbine plant which I look forward to every year because it reminds me of colorado! However, after this plant is done blooming it shrivels and dies and looks terrible in the garden...i wonder why?

The peonies were late but quite beautiful this year!

Each year i enjoy gardening a litle more. Jamie made this flower box for me and I look forward to trying new flowers and color combinations every year. It really adds a lot of color to our house! I will post an updated picture of how the box looks now! Quite a bit fuller!

A new addition to the pool this year...slide!

Just a cute moment


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